ICS Seminar Spring 2010

The ICS Seminar is a series of seminars organized by the Integrated Circuits and Systems Group at the University of Texas at Austin. The goal is to provide an open forum for faculty, graduate students and local industry experts to share new ideas and directions in the general area of large-scale integrated circuits. The seminar talks cover a diverse set of research topics.

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Spring 2010 Schedule

Date/Time Location Speaker Title
Feb. 23,
ACES 2.302 Luca Carloni
Columbia Univ.
System-Level Design of Embedded Platform Architectures
Mar. 3,
ACES 2.402 Ashish Singh
UT Austin
Application of Statistical Optimization for Process and Defect Tolerant Nanometer Scale Circuit Design
Mar. 22, 5pm ACES 2.402 Massimo Alioto
Univ. of Siena/UCB
Ultra-Low Power Logic Circuits: From Voltage-Mode to Current-Mode
Mar. 25, 10am ENS 637 Nan Sun
Harvard Univ.
CMOS RF NMR Biosensor and Dual-Mode Pipelined ADC
Mar. 31, 5pm ACES 2.402 Jacob Kornerup
Nat’l Instruments
Graphical System Design
Apr. 15, 2pm ENS 637 Sanjit Seshia
UC Berkeley
Integrating Induction and Deduction for Verification and Synthesis
Apr. 16, 12pm ENS 637 Gerald Sobelman
Univ. of Minnesota
Flexible Baseband Architectures for Wireless Communications
Apr. 29, 10am ENS 637 Praveen Jayachandran
Feasible Region Calculus: A Reduction-based Schedulability Theory for Distributed Real-Time Systems
Apr. 30, 2:30pm ACES 2.302 Gangadhar Burra
Challenges in Next Generation Wireless and Connectivity
May 11, 8:00pm ACES 2.402 Carl Anderson
Beyond Innovation – Dealing with the Risks and Complexity of Processor Design
May 20, 3:00pm ACES 5.336 Peter Kinget
Columbia Univ.
Enhancing RF Receivers using Interference Cancellation and Digital Assistance
June 22, 11:00am ACES 3.408 Byunghoo Jung
Purdue Univ.
Ultra Wideband Transceiver for Indoor Location-aware Applications

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