ICS seminar: Prof. Seng-Pan U from University of Macau

Posted on October 6, 2014

Location and date: POB (ACES) 2.402, Oct. 20th, 12pm

Topic: Energy Efficient SAR-Type ADC Design – Trends and Techniques

The evolving broadband wireless communication increasingly drives fast development on high-performance consumer portable smart and green gadgets with longer battery life, which leads to growing demands on high-speed ADCs with higher energy efficiency. SAR-type ADCs which take advantages of CMOS technology downscaling for their “highly digital” implementation have been dominating large segments of high-speed and energy efficient ADCs with efficiencies down to fJ/conversion step at 100MHz+ sampling rate. This talk provides firstly an overview of the state-of-the-art SAR-Type high energy-efficient ADCs, and then present the trends of the ADCs through the energy, speed and noise Analysis for various architectures including SAR & Binary-Search, Multi-bit SAR, Flash SAR and Pipeline SAR, Time-interleaved and etc. Practical design examples and techniques will be also addressed.

Biography: Seng-Pan U (Ben) received joint Ph.D. degree from the University of Macau (UM) and the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal in 2002. He is currently Professor and Deputy Director of State-Key Lab. of Analog & Mixed-Signal VLSI of UM. He is the co-founder of Chipidea Microelectronics (Macau), Ltd. (currently Synopsys Macau Ltd) for analog & mixed-signal IP development and is also Senior Analog Design Manager and Site General Manager. He published 130+ papers and 4 books in Springer and China Science Press in the area of VHF SC filters, Analog Baseband for Multi-standard wireless transceivers and Very High-Speed TI ADCs, and he co-holds 10+ US patents. As the founding chair, he received the 2012 IEEE SSCS Outstanding Chapter Award. He received both the 2012 Macau Science & Technology (S&T) Invention and Progress Award. Both at the 1st time from Macau, he received the S&T Innovation Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation in 2010, and also The State S&T Progress Award in 2011. In recognition of his contribution in high-technology research & industrial development in Macau, he was awarded by Macau SAR government the Honorary Title of Value in 2010. He was also awarded as the “Scientific Chinese of the Year 2012”. He is also advisor for 20+ student award recipients, incl. ISSCC Silk-Road Award & A-SSCC Student Design Contest for data converter papers. He is currently IEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecturer (2014-2015), TPC of ISSCC, A-SSCC, VLSI-DAT, RFIT and Editorial Board member of Springer journal AICSP.