ICS seminar: Dr. Yi-Qiao Song

Posted on February 24, 2013

Location: ENS 314

Date and time: 2pm, Tuesday, Feb. 26th

Talk Title:

Magnetic Resonance of Porous Media


NMR has become an important technique for characterization of porous materials in recent years. In particular, its importance in petroleum exploration has been increased by the recent progress in NMR well-logging. The continuous rise of global demand for energy and the difficulty of significantly increasing production capacity demands better evaluation of oil reservoirs. This talk will outline the challenges in our ability to understand rock structures and fluid composition in oil and gas reservoirs, and the MR technical development and their applications. These new applications demands a new type of NMR system that is capable of broadband RF transmission and reception  I will also discuss a new concept of NMR system with a fully broadband front-end electronics. This change to the MR front-end electronics enables a fully digital MR system with unparalleled flexibility and simplicity for multi-frequency MR, a transition analogous to the one from classic analog radios to modern digital receivers found in mobile electronics.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Yiqiao Song is currently a Scientific Advisor at Schlumberger-Doll Research. He earned his BS from Peking University and Ph.D. from Northwestern University. He worked in UC Berkeley as a Miller Research Fellow before joining Schlumberger in 1997. His focus has been developing NMR/MRI/NQR methodologies and instrumentation for well-logging,  understanding materials including porous media (rocks, cements and composites), complex fluids (crude oils, emulsion, mixtures) and biological materials. He is also affiliated part-time at Massachusetts General Hospital to study complex tissue structures. He was elected Fellow of American Physical Society in 2009 and to the Editorial board of Journal of Magnetic Resonance. Dr. Song has published over 100 papers in scientific journals and awarded over 20 patents.